Games Of Pick-any-three Lottery

The game competitions are held each week, and the Winning number Results are drawn every weekend, Saturday evening.

Drawing Results of the American ‘Pick 3-4-5 systems’ used in these competitions are State of TexasPick 3’ weekend games. Four Drawings are held on Saturday (at the intervals; Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night) to produce Four sets of 3-digit number Results altogether. The Result-set used for the Pick-any-three lottery competitions is the (third) Evening game numbers, drawn Saturday evenings at about 6.00pm Texas time [11.55pm Nigerian time]. The Drawings and Results thereof are featured live on Internet webcast, for All to see, at :- [From the Home page, navigate to:–  GamesPick-3ResultsWebcastEveningDrawings].


Aspects of Pick-any-3 Lottery

There are two Game-types under Pick-any-three lottery, (1) Variable Dividend Sharing (VRD) and (2) Fixed Dividend Sharing (FXD).


Variable Dividend Entry (VRD)

Shares for Variable Dividend lottery are declared after the Results are drawn. Up to 3 categories of Dividend-Sharing may be declared under VRD Entry. These are categorized as; First-, Second- and Third-Dividends of winning payments (vis-à-vis; 1st Dvd, 2nd Dvd, and 3rd Dvd).


First Dividend

Suppose a Client bought tickets for the selection 4-3-8, under the Variable Dividend (VRD) option, and the drawn Result turn out to be; 3-4-8, (or 4-8-3, 8-4-3, 8-3-4, 4-3-8, 3-8-4), he has scored the ‘3-out-of-3 Draw (jackpot) and has, therefore, won Pick-three VRD lottery in the First Dividend category. He gets paid at whatever Share-Dividend is declared for 1st Dividend for that week.


Second Dividend

Suppose however his selection were 4-1-8 against the same drawn Result of 3-4-8, (or 4-8-3, etc. . .), well he has scored two (4 and 8) out of the three drawn digits). He has won the ‘2-out-of-3 Pick-three VRD lottery in the Second Dividend category. In a week when payment for 2nd Dividend Sharing is declared, he will be paid, according to the Dividend thereof. [Note however that it is only 1/3 (one-third) of his ticket cost that merits this Dividend sharing. This is because having failed in the main jackpot competition for 3-out-of-3, he is now being considered for consolatory 2nd Dividend sharing, using the 3 (three) ‘Entry-pairs’; 4-1, 1-8 and 4-8, out of which one, the last pair (4-8), wins the ‘2-out-of-3’ VRD competitions].


Third Dividend

If the Client scored only one number out of the three Draws; say his selection was 8-1-6 for same drawn Result of 3-4-8, well he has scored one number, (8), out of the three drawn digits. He has won the ‘1-out-of-3 Pick-three VRD lottery in the Third Dividend category. In a week when payment for 3rd Dividend Sharing is declared, he will be paid, according to the Dividends thereof. [Note however again, that it is only 1/3 (one-third) of his ticket cost that merits this Dividend sharing. This is because, having failed in the main jackpot competition for 3-out-of-3, and in the 2nd Dividend competition for 2-out-of-3, he is now being considered for consolatory 3rd Dividend sharing, under the three ‘Single-digit’ Entries; 6, 1 and 8, out of which one, the last single, 8, wins in the ‘1-out-of-3’ VRD competitions].


Frequency of Variable Dividend declarations

Dividends for VRD Entries are declared after ‘Winning Tickets’ Shares have been collated, graded and analyzed. Consequently the sizes of VRD declarations depend on the quantity, quality and intensity of overall ‘Winning-Shares’ performances, in the Pick-any-3 lottery.


Sample Declarations

For a winning Entry Ticket purchased at ₦500, typical VRD declarations and winnings may look like this;

Results Selection Dvd. Shares Winnings((₦500)
4-8-3 348,834.. 1st 50:1 25,000
  ” 34,48,38 2nd 15:1 7,500
  ” 3,4,8 3rd 4:1 2000

Only one dividend category is paid per Entry selection. Hence having been paid a 1st dividend winning of ₦25,000 for say, 8-3-4 Entry selection, a candidate may not expect to be also considered for the 2nd and 3rd dividends, both of which he also qualifies for, nominally. Similarly having been paid a 2nd dividend winning of ₦7,500 for say, a 1-3-4 selection, a candidate may not expect to be also considered for the 3rd dividend, which he qualifies for nominally, with either 3 or 4.


3-out-of-3’ drawn Number-Result is the main Pick-three lottery competition, vis-à-vis, 1st dividend of the VRD games. Declarations for 2nd and 3rd Dividends come under consolatory ‘runner-up encouragements’. There is no obligation to always declare them, and indeed they are not regularly declared, – particularly, the 3rd dividend. [First Dividend (‘3-out of-3’ correct selection) is always declared for both Fixed- and Variable- Dividend lottery. After full and satisfactory provisions of financial obligations for the Fixed- and 1st Dividend (VRD) winnings, the remainder of lottery budgetary allocation funds is applied towards 2nd- and possibly 3rd- Dividend declarations/payments]. Consequently the frequency and size of 2nd and 3rd Dividend declarations depend mostly on quantity and capacity of overall winnings on the Pick three Lottery for that week. In a week of high-capacity 1st Dividend and FXD winnings, payments for the 2nd and 3rd Dividends may become unsustainable, in which case, no Dividend may be declared for 2nd and 3rd categories, [i.e. only the ‘1st Dividend’ is tenable for such week]. However in a week of poor overall winning performance (like in a week of double repeateddigit in the drawn Results, -example; 4-8-8, 3-4-3, 4-4-3 . . etc.), the 2nd dividend will most likely be also declared. And certainly, in a week of triple repeated-digit Result, say, 444, 333, 000, . . , [– see ‘Past winning numbers’ results for Game-Week 40, 2016; -Week 5, 2011 and -Week 21, 2018], the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dividends will most likely be all declared.

Super Dividend Entry (SPD)

Pick-any-3 Lottery is sometimes sublet to feature an extra-special category of winning under the game title, Super Dividend sharing. It is superior to regular Variable Dividend as is here illustrated.

If the above-mentioned Client had bought the Ticket for his Entry selection 4-3-8, under Exact or Super Dvd option and, come Saturday evening, the Drawings roll out as; ‘ 4, followed by 3, and then followed by 8, (i.e. 4-3-8, EXACTLY as he selected and entered them), then he would have won Pick-three lottery in the Super-DVD sharing category, (SPD). He could be paid as much as 400 : 1 Dividends per share on his Ticket. That is to say; For 500 Ticket, he wins (400 X 500) or 200,000 -and for 5000 Ticket, he wins 2 million.

However; if he, as much as, misses one sequence of the Drawings, he loses the entire Ticket Stock as worthless. For example if his Entry had been; 4-8-3, or 3-4-8, 8-3-4, 8-4-3, for Drawn Result of 4-3-8, – he wins nothing (under SPD).


Fixed Dividend Entry (FXD)

In Fixed Dividend sharing, the Dividend at which winning-shares are paid out, at the end of the week following the Draws, are declared before the start of the next Ticket sales, (i.e. the Monday morning, following the close of the previous Ticket-registrations). Consequently the amount to be won by a lucky Contestant is predetermined and known.

For example; suppose the Fixed Dividend was pre-set at 40:1, and a client’s Entry selection is 4-3-8 (FXD). If the ‘Drawn Result’ at the end of the week is 3-4-8, (or 4-8-3 etc.), the Contestant has won the Pick-three lottery at 40:1 Fixed Dividend Sharing, in which case; for a 500 Ticket-purchase, he wins (40 X 500) or 20,000; and for 5000 Ticket he wins 200,000.

However; If he misses any number of the 3-digit Draw-set ‘3-4-8’, he losses the entire Ticket stock as worthless. For example; if his Entry selection had been 432, (or 1-3-8, 4-8-0 ), for drawn Result of 3-4-8, – he wins nothing (under FXD).

Fixed Dividend Sharing may not be featured in the first weeks of the Pick-any-3 lottery games.

Multiple-play Auto-player:

To circumvent weekly repetition of; Number-picking, Entry-submission, Cost-remittance, Data-registration, etc., a Lotter may opt for Multiple-play  Auto-player (or Multi-player), under ‘GRID-request code’ = 5555. The idea is to have the same game repeated automatically for a given number of consecutive weeks. [After all, that number which failed this week, might be the Jackpot winner next week.]

Firstly, he picks his numbers and plays his Entry normally as in regular play. Then he multiplies the Total Ticket Cost (TTC) by the number of weeks (NWK) he wishes Auto-played. Then he Remits [(TTC)x(NWK)] amount for Registration of the Ticket, under ‘Grid request code’ = (5550+NWK).

Example; He plays Slots A, B, C as: [123 – VRD – 600], [416 – VRD – 600], [901 – SPD – ₦500]; – for a Total Ticket Cost of 1700. He wants to have this auto-played for 5 weeks [i.e. for a Total of (5 x 1700) or ₦8500].

He pays ₦8500 (through; Bank Remittance; GRID reserve; etc.) and Registers the Ticket with ‘Grid request code’ = 5555 (i.e. 5550+5). Obviously, 8 weeks of auto-play would be ‘GDRQST = 5558’ (i.e. 5550+8).

Subsequently, the Lotter will be issued an AUTOPD number. Each week after Results are drawn, he uses this AUTOPD to access and check the performance of his Entries, until the end of his Auto-play prescription. Each week his winnings are credited to his Account the usual way.

Minimum and Maximum number of Weeks for Auto-play are 5 and 25 respectively, corresponding to GDRQSTs of (5555 – 5575). The Minimum Basic Total Ticket cost (TTC) for Auto-play is 1000; the Maximum is 5000. Therefore, a 25-week ‘auto-played’ Entry Ticket of 2500 (TTC) will cost (25 x 2500) or 62,500. It will run for half-year.

Before you play:

  1. Read the Rules and overview the entire sequence of game; from selection of Entry numbers to obtaining winning Payments.
  2. Be sure to understand the Rules of engagement and operational procedures leading to Competition awards. Where you lack clearness of understanding, consult an Agent.
  3. To play, you need: (i) to be an adult (18 years and above). (ii) internet-access device:- Desktop, Laptop, Smart phone, Tablet; (iii) a Bank Account with viable ATM and phone-banking facility (USSD). This is where your winnings will always be sent, and it is also the one associated with your GRID number.