How It Works

Pick-any-3-from-10 is a very easy game to play.

From the ten digit-numbers, [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0]; just pick any three, say 6, 8 and 4. This is referred to as Entry selection 6-8-4 or just Selection 684. This is because when the games are drawn at the weekend, the winning numbers roll down sequentially, one after the other. [Example, for weekend result numbers 7, 2 and 9, say; the first numbered Ball to roll out of the Pick-3 system will be 7, the next to come will be the number 2, to be finally followed by 9, – thus we have the Draw result 7-2-9 or 729, for that week. You can see the Draw video webcast (live) @]. This means that any one of the Entry selections; 729, 792, 279, 297, 927 and 972, is a winner. All those who bought tickets for the Entry Selection 7-2-9 (or 927,792,279, . . etc.) are winners.

Ticket Cost

The basic cost of each Lottery Ticket is 1. The minimum number of Tickets for an Entry-Selection into the Games is 500. Hence the basic cost for each Entry Selection is ₦500. However, a candidate may buy more Tickets than the ‘basic’-500, for an Entry Selection. Hence the cost per Entry Selection ranges from this minimum of ₦500 to a maximum of 5000 (i.e. 500 – 5000 Tickets).

Entry Ticket Registration

Entry Selections are submitted on a Lottery Ticket Register. Each Lottery Ticket features 5 Entry Selections; A,B,C,D,E. Thus a contestant has up to 5 Entry chances (A,B,C,D, and E), to play and submit, on each Lottery Ticket.

Accordingly if a contestant fills all Entry slots (A,B,C,D,E) on a Ticket, with 5 Entry Selections at minimum costs, the Total Entry Cost of that Ticket at Registration is (5 X ₦500) or ₦2500. If he bought Entries for the 5 Selections at maximum cost, the Total Entry Cost of his Ticket at Registration will be (5 X 5000) or 25,000, (i.e. 25000 Tickets @ 1 each). [Note; a client does not have to play all 5 Entry chances on the Ticket. For example, he can play only Entry slot-A (or EntryA), for say 1200, and submit his Ticket for Registration.


                             Typical Entry Table for Pick-any-three Lottery Ticket No. 013527

Entry chance


Selection Game Type


Entry Amt.  ()
                A   4-8-3    FXD    500
                B   1-6-5    VRD  1700
                C   9-0-7    VRD  2000
                D   1-2-4    VRD    500
                E   8-1-4    FXD    650


Winning payments
Winning payment in Pick-any-three lottery is slightly different from Regular lottery payments. In Regular Lottery one Ticket, out of thousands or millions, wins and swipes away the entire Jackpot. Because there are 3 winner-numbers, out of just 10, many people win the Pick-3 lottery each time. Consequently Pick-any-three lottery has special winning payment method.

Numerous contestants win the Pick-any-three lottery Jackpot (which is ‘3-out-of-3’ correct Numbers) any time. Consequently after Results are drawn, and collation and analysis of all; Entries, Registrations and Financial obligations are concluded, the allocated overall Winners-pot Prize is equitably shared amongst the Jackpot winners, according to their respective Entry Tickets’ worth. [The Ratio of theJackpotWinners-pot‘, to,Total winning Entry Tickets’ purchased by all Jackpot-winners’, is the ‘Dividend per Share’ for the ‘3-out-of-3Pick-any-three lottery winnings]. This is Variable Dividend Sharing, (VRD). Suppose for instance, this overall Ratio works out as, say 40:1 (i.e. ₦40 -to- ₦1’), then a contestant, who bought winning Entry Tickets of ₦500, will get 40 for every Naira of his ₦500Ticket-stock, -he wins (40 X ₦500) or 20000. Another contestant, who bought winning Tickets of ₦3000 wins 120,000.


‘Above-basic-cost’ Tickets

A contestant improves on his winning power by buying Entry Selection Tickets at higher-than the ₦500 minimum cost (i.e. above-basic-cost). Here is how it works; Suppose 3 contestants K, L and M, bought the following Lottery Tickets;


Contestant Entry Ticket Amt. Game
K 2-8-5 ₦500 VRD
L 2-5-8 1050 VRD
M 8-2-5 3000 VRD

Also, suppose the weekend Draw Results come out to be 5-8-2. Well clearly all 3 contestants K, L, M have winnings in the ‘3-out-of-3’ jackpot and will participate in the Dividend-Sharing thereof. Suppose that, after necessary analysis and responsibility settlements, this Shared Dividend worked out as 60:1, then: Candidate;

K  purchased 500 worth of Tickets,   @ Dividend share of 60:1, he wins (60 X 500) or 30,000.

L  purchased 1050 worth of Tickets, @ Dividend share of 60:1, he wins (60 X 1050) or 63,000.

M purchased 3000 worth of Tickets, @ Dividend share of 60:1, he wins (60 X 3000) or 180,000.


Thus we have 3 jackpot winners but 3 different sizes of Jackpot winnings.

Maximum Entry Ticket cost is 5000, so if candidate M had bought 5000-tickets on his one entry Selection 8-2-5, he would have won (60 X 5000) or 300,000. If he invested 5000 on 8-2-5, on each of the 5 Entry chances (A,B,C,D,E) of the Ticket, he would have won [60 X (5 X 5000)] or 1.5 million.

Thus a contestant wins according to the size of Ticket-Stock he purchased.