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Pick any 3

‘Pick Any 3 From 10’ Lottery

Increase Funds 10 to 100 folds, monthly!

Sponsor University education, while Supporting Family!

Build up Capital for Business, and Run it from home!


                                                                        SHORT-CUT TO ‘PLAY’

This lottery game consists of picking 3 numbers, out of 10 digits; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, each week. You just pick any three, in any order say; 4, 8 and 3, – that’s all.


Results are drawn Saturday evenings. They can be viewed (live) webcast as Pick 3 results at , 11.59pm Nigerian time (5.59pm Texas time). Three winner numbered-balls are sucked out sequentially,  from three transparent jars, each of which contains a complete set of the 10 basic digital numbers. – Example: 7, followed by 2, and finally by 5)

If you guessed these numbers correctly in your Entry selection, say 2-5-7, you would have won ‘Pick-any-3’ lottery in the 3-out-of-3 or First dividend category. If you missed one number, say your selection was 2-3-7, you have won in the 2-out-of-3 or Second dividend category. If you got only one number correctly, say your selection was 1-7-0, you have won in the 1-out-of-3 or Third dividend category.

Cost of each lottery ticket is ₦1. There is a minimum of 500 tickets to enter a three-number selection in the lottery competitions. The 500-ticket stock is your Entry-selection ticket Stock or just Entry Stock. The maximum stock allowed on an Entry-selection is 5000 tickets, therefore the cost of an Entry-selection ranges from ₦500 to ₦5000.

Selection Stocks are registered and submitted into the lottery competitions on a Lottery Registration Form. This Form is actually the Lottery Ticket. Each Form Ticket registers up to 5 Entry chances, namely; A, B, C, D, E. Hence (5 x ₦500) or ₦2500 would be required to submit a full (5-Entry Selections) Ticket, for Registration. However, you do not have to play all five Entry chances on the Ticket. You may just purchase one Entry stock, (of ‘₦500 – ₦5000’) under –Slot A, and Register the Ticket. You will still be equitably rewarded if you win. Below is how it works.


                                                                       HOW IT WORKS

Suppose you purchased ₦1350 worth of ticket-stock on Entry-selection 8-3-4, and another candidate Jon purchased ₦500 ticket-stock on Entry-selection 3-4-8.  And suppose, come Saturday, the winning numbers turn out to be 4-8-3.

Well both of you have won the lottery in First dividend category. After due processing of winnings, the Cash-pot money is shared equitably, per ₦1-worth, to all winner-tickets. [Example: Cash-pot money = ₦150000, all winning tickets = (3000 @ ₦1) = ₦3000]. ₦150000 is shared by ₦3000 tickets. Suppose, this ratio turns out to be, 50:1, (as is here),  then Jon gets (50 x ₦500) or ₦25,000 for his ₦500-Stock, while you get (50 x ₦1350) or ₦67,500 for your ₦1350-Stock, – under the same Dividend sharing. Same procedure goes for the Second dividend (2-out-of-3) and Third dividend winners. So, the more your Entry ticket-Stock you purchased, the more is your worth is at the winnings.



To Play: You need; (1) Internet device (Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop) and a viable Bank account with ‘phone-banking’ facility(USSD). (2); To Read, Understand and Familiarize yourself with the features and workings of ‘Pick-any-3-from-10’ lottery, as detailed in the Website pages. (3); To get a copy of, (or download from the website), the shortened version ‘Short cut to Play’, for quick ready Reference. OR  (4); Consult a Pick-3-Agent: – FLAG, SCAG or SPAGAND (5); To be 18 years or older.


Payment Remittance

After picking your lucky numbers for the week; [this could be forecast from the ‘Past Winning Numbers’ page for (2010-2022) results, on the website], you need to first PAY for the total Ticket costs (since you already know what you wish to Play and, the minimum and maximum Entry costs). You have three options; A, B, C, to pay for lottery Tickets Purchase and Registration:

(A) Direct phone-banking transfer facility. FirstBank customers who have USSD service are to use: *894*89403983*Amount#; Other Banks’ customers having USSD facility with their respective Banks, are to use *402*89403983*Amount#, OR, *XXX*89403983*Amount#, where XXX is the USSD pre-code for the said Bank. Example: for Zenith Bank, it is *966*89403983*Amount#; for GT Bank, it is *737*89403983*Amount#.

You will get two (2) Bank text ALERTs on successful Transaction.[i] The First would say; [‘Transaction Successful; UID:101300003248765387, ₦xxx from (your Account) to (Account #: 89403983)’] This ALERT may not stay (auto-save) on your phone when you close it, so; Record the UID number and the transaction Amount stated. Sometimes the UID is long, stretching up to an 18-digit number. Record it anyway before closing the message. [ii] The Second ALERT is the usual information message from your Bank, reporting Debit transaction on your Account. Record the Amount that was debited to you, in favor of Lottery General. [Inter-bank transfers may cost extra ₦10 to ₦50 above Remittance amount, (– but that is not part of what you paid into Lottery General Account), so during Registration, you should subtract the extra fee and state exactly what you Remitted for your Ticket]. Record also the Date and Time of Transaction, and Remittance Phone (i.e. Phone number that was used to Remit the payment in the phone-banking transfer, as indicated in the ALERT communication). At Registration, the Phone-Banking Remittance-Payment Grid Request Code is 1111. 

(B) Recall your correct GRID Number and Password, then request to Debit your GRID Reserve using Grid Request (GDRQST) Code 2222; [GRID Reserve is small temporary reserve from previous winning, to be utilized during emergency shortages].

(C) Use Freelance Agency services, FLAG. [A Freelance Agent, will carry out all the above, including help in phone-banking remittance, – for a small assistance commission Fee , and he also gets credited (5 – 10)%  share of the Winnings]. For FLAG assistance; Grid Request Code is 3333.


Ticket; Purchase and Registration

Log on to: : (a) GO to read the ‘HOW TO PLAY’ page or follow the abridged version below; (b) thereafter, navigate to PLAY NOW Entry Form Window page, to complete your Ticket Purchase and Registration.


                                                                              HOW TO PLAY

Online sequence, on the ‘PLAY NOW’ Entry-Form Window;

  1. Enter your first three Selection numbers under Entry Ticket Slot-A
  2. Chose (say) VRD (Variable Dividend) or Option 3, for Game Type.
  3. Enter the size of tickets Stock you wish to purchase for your Entry-selection and click ‘PLAY’. You have up to four more Entry Selection chances (B, C, D, E) to play and submit in this Registration -if you wish, otherwise click the ‘Checkout’ button for your personal data inputs.


Registration of Ticket:

  1. Follow the instructions to enter your Name, LGZip, Bank-name and Account number (for the Bank Account into which your winnings will be paid), plus other required Data. (If you do not know your LG Zip code, enter 123456789).


  1. Enter ‘Payment Remittance data’; Amount, RemittanceUID, Date, Time, Remit-Phone number (of the phone used for the Remittance, – usually the USSD-ALERT phone number), GRID (General Reserve ID), GDRQST (GRID Request), GRID password, FLAG, FLAG password, etc. In your very first game you do not have GRID and FLAG, therefore enter zero (0) for the items. [Everybody obtains GRID and FLAG numbers after their first game]. However, you are required to enter self-chosen GRID password and FLAG password, pre-emptively. These should be five-digit numbers each, between 10000 and 99999. Your GRID and FLAG are initially issued against these Passwords and may be later changed with Grid Request Code = 4444.


  1. Check the Consent box for acceptance of the Rules of engagement, then Proceed to the ‘Payment Details’ page.


  1. Confirm your Remittance Transaction Details; and thereafter, Book for issuance of Ticket.


  1. Copy and Safeguard your Registration-, Ticket- and Game code- numbers, as given to you after a successful Registration. Also record the two GRID and FLAG passwords you submitted. [Whenever a Multiple-Auto-player scheme is instituted, an AUTO Identity Number is issued. Copy and Safeguard this also in your Records. [Read the Multiple-play ‘Auto-player’ in the Web pages; ‘Grid Request Code = 5555′].


Results and Performances:

  1. Watch the ‘Pick 3’ drawings webcast on on Saturday, 11.59pm Nigerian Time, (5.59pm Texas Time). Later, Log-on to: , ‘PLAY NOW’, ‘Check Registration/Result’, using your; Ticket data (Registration-, Ticket- and Game code- numbers), to see full details of; (a) your pre-game Ticket Registration data; or (b) how your Tickets performed in the Lottery competitions. These would appear as shown in pages 12 & 13 of this ‘Short-cut-to-Play’. If your Entry is on Auto-play, [i.e. Grid Request = (5555-5575) ], First enter your AUTO number and Password at the ‘Check Auto-play’ Window, to obtain the Week’s Ticket & Registration Nos., then enter these at ‘Check Registration/Results’ window for the Week’s performance.


  1. Find time to Study thePick any 3 from 10’ pages in details.
  2. Check the ‘Notice Board’ pages for Dividend Declarations
  3. Reproduce copies of this bulletin and pass around to others.
  4. Contact your “Contacts” to go to:


Agents and Agencies

There are two categories of Agents; the Freelance Commission Agent (FLAG) and the Specialized Commission Agent (SCAG) or just Special Agent (SPAG).   A Freelance agent works to assist Contestants play the lottery correctly and effectively. In this, the FLAG gets compensated and remunerated for his efforts, as stated under ‘Pick-any-3 agency’ above.

A Specialized Commission agent does about the same thing as a Freelance except that a SPAG works on behalf of the Company, either temporarily or permanently, as his case may be. He is rewarded by the Company on augmented commissions, as merited by his efforts.

Now, if you must use the services of an Agent, convince yourself that he is reliable (known to you, preferably). Lottery General is pre-absolved of all responsibility for financial loses arising from any irregular circumstances.

In cases where you have to hand over money for USSD phone banking or other remittance, ensure that the registered Win-Bank Account is yours, and that the Remittance UID corresponds with what is online at the “Check Ticket/Registration” window of the ‘PLAY NOW’ page. Always validate your Ticket number, Remittance UID & Remittance Phone No. immediately after such Registration, in the presence of the Agent. If he pays for your Registration from his GRID Reserve (i.e. GDRQST = 3333), there is no UID to show you, but still ensure that the Win-Bank Account and GRID number are Yours. [Note there is no way to authenticate whether he actually has the money in his Reserve, or Not, before the overall lottery evaluations at end of the Week.

It is most advisable to pay for Registration from your own GRID Reserve (i.e. Grid Request = 2222), whether using Agent’s assistance or not. The reserve is built up for you by safeguarding a small percentage of your winnings each time. You may also build up your reserve by Remitting more than the actual Ticket cost each time you remit money for Registration-payment (i.e. Grid Request, 1111). Any excess remittance over the Ticket cost is automatically credited to your GRID reserve by the system. If you have money in your Reserve, all you need do is quote your GRID, and enter (Grid Request = 2222). [Note that your Remittance is backed by your GRID Reserve, in cases of insufficient Remittance].  This eliminates the anxiety of handing over money to an Agent, or the problems of failed electronic banking network, and repetitive Personal data Registrations each time you play ‘Pick-any-3-from-10’ lottery.


Online PLAY Sequence

The two pages (7-9) depict step-by-step details of [online] ‘Entry Selection-to-Registration’ data sequence, that a contestant completes on the electronic Screen, on the ‘PLAY NOW’ page.


The Game of Pick Any Three


Online: PLAY NOW’ -page

LOTTERY GENERAL                                                                                              HOME



          A1             Selection                  Game              Stock size            PLAY      

          Entry            Selection              Game Type       Amount ()

          A1                  123                            3                           500              Remove

          B2                  067                           3                         1000              Remove

          C3                  195                            1                           300               Remove

          D4                  605                           1                         1000              Remove

          E5                  502                            3                         1500              Remove

                                                                           Total:      4250 


    .                                                                                                                               .



   Enter GAME CODE      REGISTRATION No.     TICKET No.          SUBMIT

.                                                                                                                                   .

To Check AGENCY Performance

    Enter GAME CODE       FLAG ID No.        FLAG Password            SUBMIT

.                                                                                                                                    .

To Obtain RGN & Ticket Nos. for MULTI-PLAY Result

    Enter GAME CODE       AUTO ID No.        GRID Password            SUBMIT

.                                                                                                                                    . 

Contestant’s Details    

Full NAME:                                                                                LGZip Code:

John Doe                                                                                            123456789    .


Win. Bank :                                                                                  Win. Account No.:

Access Bank        v  .                                                                        0032567189       .

Win. Acct. PHONE:                    FLAG No.:                         FLAG Password:

+234   803   45 67890                      110237408                          63951           .

GRID No.:                                       Grid Request:                  GRID Password:

102365491                                              111                                      39745            .


Total Ticket Cost ():                                                    Π     I agree to the Terms

and Conditions of Game.

Proceed to Payment


Billing Details:   .

Entry        Selection      Game Type         Amount ()

A1                  123                            3                          500              Remove

B2                  067                           3                        1000              Remove

C3                  195                            1                         650               Remove

D4                  605                           1                        1000              Remove

E5                  502                           3                        1500              Remove

                                                                                                     Keep playing


Full Name: John Doe

Win. Phone: +234 803 456 7890

 Total Entries:                                                                    Total Ticket Cost ():


Payment Transaction Details: 

Amount Remitted ():                                                   Remittance Bank:

4200                                                                                         First Bank Plc.         V .        


Remittance UID:                                                               Assisted by AGENT No.:

1013000028666147197         .                                              110237408

Rmt. Phone No.:                                                            Asst. AGENT Password

+234   703   8727472 .                                                          42742             .

Date:                                                                                       Time:                      :

DD    v:    mm    v:    YY      v:                                              hr    v:     min    v:


.                                                                                                                                     .



Remitted Amount ():  4250

Remittance Phone Number:  +234 703 872 7472

Remittance Date: 23-08-2020

Remittance Time: 4:15

                                                                           Book Ticket



Registration No.:  1238

Ticket No.:  144

Game Code:  2034


  1. What a Client will Complete on the Ticket-Registration Page
    Entry  Selection  Game Type Stock ()
          A  483  FXD   500
          B  165  VRD   700
          C  907  SPD 1000
          D  124  VRD   500
          E  817  VRD   500
Total Entries 5   Name James John
Ticket Cost() 3200   LG Zip Code 162893422
Rmtd Amt.() 3200   WinAct. Bank GTB
Rmt. Bank ZNT   WinAct. No. 103O214363
Rmt. Phone 9000224321   GRID Request 111
Rmt. Date 140818   GRID No. 221892034
Rmt. Hour 1536   GRID Password 18234
Rmt. UID 1000013 . . .   FLAG ID No. 102180423
Assisting AGENT 1011247   ASST. Password 24361


  1. 2. What Client sees when he accesses his Ticket BEFORE Results.

  Week:  08    Game Code:  1708   TICKET:  2491874   RGN:   280102

     Entry  Selection  Game Type Stock ()
          A  4-8-3  FXD    500
          B  1-6-5  VRD    700
          C  9-0-7  SPD  1000
          D  1-2-4  VRD    500
          E  8-1-7  VRD    500


REGISTRATION 280102   Name James John
TICKET No. 2491874   LG Zip Code 162893422
Total Entries 5   WinAct. Bank GTB
Ticket Cost() 3200   WinAct. No. 103****363
Rmtd Amt.() 3200   GRID Request 1111
Rmt. Bank ZNT   GRID No. 221892034
Rmt. Acct Phone 9000224321   GRID Password 1**34
Rmt. Date 140818   FLAG ID No. 102180423
Rmt. Hour 1536   AGNT Password 2**61
Rmt. UID 1000013 . . .   Assisting AGENT 1011247


4a.    What a Client sees when he accesses his Ticket AFTER  Results.  

Week:  08  Game Code:  1708    RESULT2-1-5   Dividends: 1st, 2nd, SPD

Score Details for TICKET No.:   2491874

Entry Selection Game WinNos. Rank Stock () Dividend Sub-win ()
    A   4-8-3 FXD    –   0 500    –    0
    B   1-6-5 VRD   1,5   2/3 700    8:1    5600
     C   9-0-7 SPD     –   0 1000    –    0
     D   1-2-4 VRD   1,2   2/3 500    8:1    4000
     E   8-1-7 VRD   1   1/3 500    –    0


  NATO ID 1292036   REMAINING PLAY   4
  TICKET No. 2491874   REGISTRATION 2801025
  Total Entries 5   Name James Jones
  Total Ticket     Stock () 3200   LG Zip Code 162893422
  SPD win   [3/3] 0   Freelance Agency  ID Number 102180423
  FXD win   [3/3] 0   Remittance BANK FBN
  VRD3 win   [3/3] 0   Rmt. Acct. PHONE 9100224363
  VRD2 win   [2/3]  9600   Rmt. File POSITION 137493
  VRD1 win   [1/3] 0   Rmt. Date 140818
TOTAL WINNINGS()   9600   Rmt. TIME 1808142235
Old GRID Reserve () +4500   Rmt. UID   11000013 . . .
Current Remittance +3200   GRID Request 1111
Returned Amt. [111]   0   GRD No. 221892034
Current Debit  -3200   WinAct. Bank GTB
Current Reserve    -960   WinAct. No. 103*****63
Asst. AGNT Fee    -320   Assisting AGENT Name Robert Ent.
Asst. AGNT Comm.    -960   Assisting AGENT ID No. 101124871
Deductions    0   ERROR CODE 000
Net Payment   7360   New GRID Reserve () +5460

NOTE: Winnings are sent to Winning Account (WinAct No.)



  1. RGN:                 Registration Number
  2. TKT:                  Ticket Number
  3. Name:               Name of Contestant
  4. LGZip Code    LGA/County Code
  5. Entries:            of Entry Selections
  6. TTL Cost:         Total Entries Ticket Cost
  7. WPmt Phn:      Winnings Payment Phone
  8. WPmt Bnk:      Winnings Payment Bank
  9. WPmt Acct:     Win Payment. Account Number
  10. Rmt Phone:     Remittance Phone Number
  11. Rmtd Amt:       Amount Remitted
  12. RmtDate:         Date of Remittance
  13. RmtHour:        Hour of Remittance
  14. GRID No.:        General Reserve ID
  15. GDRQST:          GRID Action Code
  16. GDPASS:           GRID Password
  17. GM Code:         Game Code
  18. SPD Win:          Super Dividend winnings
  19. FXD Win:          Fixed Dividend winnings
  20. VRD Win:         Variable Dividend winnings
  21. TTL Win:           TOTAL TICKET WINNINGS
  22. FLAG ID:           Freelance Agency Identification
  23. AGPASS:           FLAG Password
  24. FLAGCOM:       Freelance Agency Commission
  25. FLAGFEE:         Freelance Agency Fee
  27. RMNGPL:         Remaining Auto plays
  28. Consent:            Acceptance of Rules of Game

       ENTRY SELECTION FORM: Codes & Explanations

  1. Entry:                 Entry Slot Label (A, B, C, D, E)
  2. Selection:         Entry Selection
  3. Gm Type:         Game Type
  4. Stock Size:       Tickets size of the Selection
  5. Entry Amt:       Amount of Stock purchased
  6. Win Nmbr:      Correct Winner numbers
  7. Win Code:        Winning Code
  8. Win Rank:        Category of Win
  9. Win Dvd:          Win Dividend
  10. Sub Win:           Sub-Winnings of Entry Selection


PICK ANY 3                                                                                            PICK ANY 3                                                   

Entry Registration Form B                                                                 Entry Registration Form B

Entry Selection Game Amount      Entry Selection Game  Amount  
  A     A
  B     B
  C     C
  D     D
  E     E