How To Play

  1. From the 10 digit-numbers [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0] Just pick any three, say, 4, 8 and 3. This is Entry selection 4-8-3 which you may have made-up from; (i) guess-work, (ii) try-your-luck numbers obtained from somebody (iii) Forecast studies from past-results as given in ‘Past winning numbers’ page of this web communication.


  1. Navigate to the ‘PLAY NOW’ page and Fill in the numbers 4, 8, 3 in the first position of Entry Selection Column [column 2, row A] of the Ticket Entry Form. This corresponds to, say, Ticket No. 013527-A, as applied in the ‘Typical Entry Table’ above.


  1. Chose which Game-type you are buying tickets under; [Variable Dividend (VRD), Fixed Dividend (FXD) or (Exact) Super Dividend (SPD) ].


  1. Buy Tickets for your Entry selection, say 500, in ‘Amount’ column. In effect you are stating that: ‘From the set [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0], the selection; 4, 8 and 3 will be the Numbers drawn as the Pick 3 lottery weekend Results’; and you are purchasing 500tickets Shares of the overall ‘Winners-Pot’, if these numbers win’.  When the results are drawn Saturday evening, if per chance, the numbers really consist of 3, 4, and 8 (i.e. ‘3-4-84-3-8, . . ’), you will have won Pick-any-3 lottery jackpot. If the posted Share Dividend thereafter is say 50:1, Pick-any-three lottery will pay you 50 for every1-ticket you purchased, i.e. ‘you will have won (50 x 500) or 25,000.


  1. You may buy tickets for a second, third and (up to 5) Entry selections, (A,B,C,D,E), on each Ticket Registration Form. After entering all of your Selections and Entry amounts, the system will show your accrued Total Ticket Cost for Registration. This is the amount you have to Remit in the payment section. [The cost per ticket is 1, there is a minimum requirement of 250 tickets for each valid Entry selection, hence the minimum cost per Selection is ₦250].


Payment Action 

Having determined your Total Ticket Cost; you have 3 options (A, B, C) to Payment Remittance transaction: A. Direct payment (Do-it-Yourself); B. Indirect payment (Freelance Agency, FLAG); C. Straight deduction (GRID Reserve Debit).

 [A] Place your internet device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) on HOLD while you attend to other matters. Step over and quickly use a USSD phone-banking facility to pay the total Ticket cost into Lottery General Account. Most Banks have Online-Offline phone-banking facilities.  FIRSTBANK Customers are to use the *894* remittance pre-code as; *894*89403983*Amount#. OTHER-Banks’ Customers (who have USSD through their Banks) are to use the code; *402*89403983*Amount#  OR, *XXX*89403983*Amount#, where XXX is the USSD pre-code for the said Bank. [Example: for Zenith Bank, it is *966*89403983*Amount#; for GT Bank, it is *737*89403983*Amount#].   You will get two (2) Banking text ALERTs on successful Transaction.

[1] The First ALERT says something like; [‘Transaction Successful; UID: 101300003248765387, ₦xxxx from (your Account) to (Account #: 89403983)’] This ALERT may not stay (auto-save) on your phone when you close it, so; Record the UID number and the Amount of transaction stated. Sometimes the UID is long, stretching up to  an 18-digit number. Record it anyway before closing the message. [2] The Second ALERT is the usual information message from your Bank, reporting Debit transaction on your Account. Record the Amount that was debited to you, in favor of Lottery General. [Inter-bank transfers may cost extra ₦10 to ₦50 above Remittance amount, (– but that is not part of what you paid into Lottery General Account), so during Registration, do not add on the extra remittance fee, when you state what you Remitted for your Ticket]. Record also the Date and Time of Transaction, and Remittance Phone (i.e. Phone number associated with the Bank Account that was used to Remit the payment, –  as given in the ALERT communication). For Bank Remittances, ‘Grid Request Code’ is 111.

[B]  If you do not have (USSD) phone-banking on your phone or Internet device (but you already know the ‘Total Ticket cost’ you wish to remit); (i)  Find a Friend, Partner or trusted Freelance Agent, who has the facility. (See FLAG below). Pay him the Ticket cost, then have him use his USSD facility to remit the equivalent amount to Lottery General, via [ *894*- or *402*89403983*Amount# ], on your behalfTo this effect, during the Ticket Registration; the posted Remittance Bank and Remittance Phone data shall be ‘from him’ (i.e. the ones he used for the USSD remittance). But you shall ensure that the Winning-Bank and Winning Account number (Win Bank, Win Act No.) are yours, – because that is where the Winnings will be sent into. [In other words: Record the (UID, Debit amount, Date, Time, Rmt. Phone, Rmt.Bank) of the Remittance transaction which he gives to you (as given to him from his Bank’s ALERT)](ii) You may now go to the website and do Ticket Registration, with Remittance Data obtainedFor Bank Remittance payment, ‘Grid Request Code’ is 111.

Note: It is actually easier and faster to; (1), First Remit the total Ticket Cost amount you wish to purchase [since you already know that it costs; 1 per ticket; (2), Obtain Remittance data, necessary for Registration (UIDAmount, Date, Time, Remittance -Bank and -Phone) from Bank ALERT; then (3), Go to Pick-any-3 website to Buy and Register Tickets

[C]If you have played the Lottery once and already have a GRID Number: (1); First pick/play your Entry numbers and find out the Total Ticket cost. If the amount you have in your GRID-Reserve is sufficient to cover the Ticket, then during Ticket Registration; in the space for Remittance Bank, fill in GRID Reserve; in the space for GRID-Request, fill in Code 222 (i.e. “Debit my GRID Reserve”); [Fill in ‘Remittance transaction data; UID, Amount . .’ – ONLY IF you remitted extra money to augment current Entry cost] otherwise, Fill in zeros for each of the following; ( UID, Debit amount, DateTimeRmt. Phone, Rmt. Bank). (2); Go on and submit for Registration (the System has your Personal data already). 


6.  Personal data:

You may now fill in  personal details; Name, LGZip, Consent to Rules, ..etc. [Skip personal details if you already have a valid GRID number]. If you do not know your LGZip, just enter ‘123456789’ for now.  Fill in the (Amount, Remit Phone, Date and Time) of the Debit-payment Transfer from your account to Lottery General (- as given in the ALERT). Fill in your Winning-payment Bank and Account number (i.e. Account into which your winnings should be Paid)

Enter ‘Payment Remittance data’; Amount, RemittanceUID, Date, Time, Remit-Phone [for the Bank Account which you remitted payments from, – usually the ALERT phone number], GRID, GDRQST, GRID password, FLAG, FLAG password, etc.

In your very first game you do not have GRID and FLAG, therefore enter zero (0) for the items. [Everybody obtains GRID and FLAG numbers after their first game]. However, you are required to enter self-chosen GRID password and FLAG password, pre-emptively. These should be five-digit numbers each, between 10000 and 99999. Your GRID and FLAG are initially issued against these Passwords and may be later changed with Grid Code, 444.

Check the Consent box for acceptance of the Rules of engagement, then Proceed to the ‘Payment Details’ page.

Confirm your Remittance Transaction Details; and thereafter, Book for issuance of Ticket.

Copy and Safeguard your Registration-, Ticket- and Game code- numbers, as given to you after a successful Registration. Also record the two GRID and FLAG passwords you submitted. [Whenever a Multiple-Auto-player scheme is instituted, an AUTO Identity Number is issued. Copy and Safeguard this also in your Records. [Read up on Multiple-play Auto-player in the Website pages; ‘Grid Request Code = 555′].

Results and Performances:

Watch the ‘Pick 3’ drawings webcast on on Saturday, 11.59pm Nigerian Time, (5.59pm Texas Time). Later, Log-on to: , ‘PLAY NOW’, ‘Check Registration/Result’, using your; Ticket data (Registration-, Ticket- and Game code- numbers), to see full details of; (a) your pre-game Ticket Registration data; or (b) how your Tickets performed in the Lottery competitions. These would appear as shown in pages 12 & 13 of this booklet. If your Entry is on Auto-play, [i.e. Grid Request = (555-575) ], First enter your AUTO number and Password at the ‘Check Auto-play’ Window, to obtain the Week’s Ticket & Registration Nos., then enter these at ‘Check Registration/Results’ window for the Week’s performance.



It is important to understand there are possibly Two Bank Accounts involved in the Pick-any-3 transactions, especially in cases where 3rd-party Freelance Agency is involved.

(1st) is the Bank through which you Remitted payment for Ticket purchases. The Bank Name (RmtBank), [example; UBA, GTB, FBN. .] and your Account Phone number (Rmt. Phone), [ NOT the Account Number], are required in your Registration Data, to be able to trace your Remittance through the Banks. This Phone number is the one you operate the Account with, and by which you receive ALERTS Notifications and Communications from the said Bank.

(2ndis the Bank into which your Lottery Winnings will be paid. It is the type of account you would give out to somebody to send you some money. You could open a minor Savings Account in any of the Banks for this purpose (recommended), to avoid compromise of your main banking facilities. The Bank name (ZNT, ECO, GTB,...) and the Account number (Win Acct. No.) are required in your Registration Data, for proper crediting of your Winnings. [This will also be the Bank account for your GRID Setup and Operations, (See below). The Phone number thereof (Win Phone) is known to you and will only be required if you obtain a  GRID account].

(3rd) If however you can do-it-yourself  without a 3rd-party Agent, you may actually decide to simply use one Bank account for everything. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes things a lot easier that way. In that case; Remittance Bank and Winning Bank are the same; the Remittance Account Number and Winning Account Number are the same; the Remittance phone and Winning Account Phone are the same.


GRID (General Reserve Identification) is a Register where Faithful winners reserve small part of their winnings temporarily, to facilitate subsequent Ticket purchases during such difficult times as: Banking Networkfailure, breakdown, overload, OR Unavailability of internet banking facility.

To Have your Ticket Registration Payment debited to your GRID Reserve, the GDRQST code is 222, the Remittance Bank name, Rmt. Bank is GRID Reserve; Remittance phone, Rmt. Phone is the GRID Phone; ..etc. (see GRID Table below).

If you have a GRID account and the amount you Remitted for Registration happens to be greater than the Total Ticket cost, the excess Remittance is credited to your GRID Reserve. That is one way a Lotter can boost up his Reserve.

Typical GRID Table coding.

GDRQST Code Action Requested Related Phone No. Related Bank  Related   Account No.
     111 Debit my Bank Remittance Remit. Phone RMT. Bank Win Acct. Number
     222 Debit my      GRID Reserve GRID Phone GRID Reserve Win Acct. Number
     333 Debit my  Asst.     Agent Reserve FLAG Phone Asst. Agent’s Reserve Win Acct. Number
Change: Profile, Password, Bank Act., etc.
WIN Phone GRID  Reserve Win Acct. Number
Institute an        Auto-player Series
Remit. Phone RMT. Bank, GRID Resrve Win Acct. Number
     000 No Action                   –          –           –


FLAG (Freelance Agent) is a freelance individual or Business who has undertaken to study and master the workings of the Pick-any-3 Lottery. All you have to do is give him; your picked Entry numbers; money for the size of tickets you wish to purchase, winning Bank account; your personal data information for Ticket Registration. He will play the lottery numbers, register and submit the Entries correctly for you. He will then give you your Entry Verification and Identification Data for the Lottery contest, namely; Game Code, Ticket No., Registration No.; . . etc. These will give you independent online access to the performance of  your Ticket in the Lottery competitions. Freelance Agent works for small percentage of Ticket Cost (paid by Pick-any-3 Lottery); plus he gets credited small percentage of the Tickets winnings. [Anybody can work up to being a Freelance Agent. Once he plays Pick-any-3 first time, he is issued GRID and FLAG Numbers. Both are issued to every contestant in his First Game trial]. 


Agents and Agencies

There are two categories of Agents; the Freelance Commission Agent (FLAG) and the Specialized Commission Agent (SCAG) or just Special Agent (SPAG).   A Freelance agent works to assist Contestants play the lottery correctly and effectively. In this, the FLAG gets compensated and remunerated for his efforts, as stated under ‘Pick-any-3 agency’ above.  A Specialized Commission agent does same work as a Freelance except that a SPAG works on behalf of the Company, temporarily or permanently, – and he can Commission FLAGs.

Now, if you must use the services of an Agent, convince yourself that he is reliable (known to you, preferably). Lottery General is pre-absolved of all responsibility for financial loses arising from irregular circumstances.

In cases where you have to hand over money for USSD phone banking or other remittance, ensure that the registered Win-Bank Account is yours, and that the Remittance UID corresponds with what is online at the “Check Ticket/Registration” window of the ‘PLAY NOW’ page. Always validate your Ticket number, Remittance UID & Remittance Phone No. immediately after such Registration, in the presence of the Agent. If he pays for your Registration from his GRID Reserve (i.e. GDRQST = 333), there is no UID to show you, but still ensure that the Win-Bank Account and GRID number are Yours. [Note there is no way to authenticate whether he actually has the money in his Reserve, or Not, before the overall lottery evaluations at end of the Week.

It is most advisable to pay for Registration from your own GRID Reserve (i.e. Grid Request = 222), whether using Agent’s assistance or not. The reserve is built up for you by safeguarding a small percentage of your winnings each time. You may also build up your reserve by Remitting more than the actual Ticket cost each time you remit money for Registration-payment (i.e. Grid Request, 111). Any excess remittance over the Ticket cost is automatically credited to your GRID reserve by the system. If you have money in your Reserve, all you need do is quote your GRID, and enter (Grid Request = 222). [Note that your Remittance is backed by your GRID Reserve, in cases of insufficient Remittance].  This saves you the anxiety of handing over money to an Agent, or the problems of failed electronic banking network, and repetitive Personal data Registrations each time you play ‘Pick-any-3-from-10’ lottery.


7.  Keep Records:

After successful Ticket Registration; Record the Transaction Date and Time you received in ‘Text Alert’ from  the Bank or Transfer facility. Save and Safeguard; the Registration  Number (RGN), the Ticket  Number (TKN) and the Game Code of the week (GmCode). The GmCode, RGN and TKN are your; Game ID, Username and Password (respectively) for accessing your Entry performance information (on that particular Lottery) thereafter.

8.  Access: to Entry Ticket Status;

To check the Status or Performance of your Entry Ticket; navigate to the ‘Check Entry/Result’ window on the ‘PLAY NOW’ page. Insert Game Code (GmCode) of the Game whose status or Result you wish to see, Type-in your Registration Number (RGN) for the Game as your Username and, the corresponding Ticket Number (TKN) as the Password.  If your Entry is on Auto-play, (Grid Request = 555), first enter your AUTO and Password at the ‘Check Auto-play’ Window, obtain the current Week’s Ticket & Registration Numbers, then enter these at the ‘Check Registration/Results’ window for the performance of your ‘Auto-play’ game, in the week.

9.  Access: to Freelance Agency Records;

To check Status or Performance of your Agency activities; navigate to ‘Check FLAG Performance’ window on the ‘PLAY NOW’ page. Insert Game Code (GmCode) of the Game whose Activities you wish to check. Type-in your Agency Number (FLAG) as your Username, and the Agency Password (FLPASS) as the Password.