Rules of engagement

The Lottery-weeks of the year are numbered 1 to 52 (January – December). Each active week is a Lottery-week. It runs from Sunday morning to Saturday night. There is also a Ticket-week embedded and overlapping the Lottery-week. Ticket-week runs from Friday morning to Thursday night. For example;

Suppose now we are in Lottery-week number 17 and today is, say Thursday April 20. By midnight tonight, Pick-any-3 Entry-Registrations (Ticket sales) for Lottery-week 17 will Close down, and, starting next midnight (Friday, April 21), Tickets for Ticket-week 18 will come online, to commence Entry-Registrations (Ticket sales). [Meanwhile note that we are yet to conclude Lottery-week number 17].

By Saturday evening, April 22, lottery games for Lottery-week 17 are played, drawn, completed and broadcast. Hence by midnight Saturday, Lottery-week 17 is concluded. Next day, Sunday April 23, Lottery-week 18 commences operations. [Note that meanwhile, Ticket-week 18 has been running and accepting Entry-Registrations since Friday night April 21. Its Ticket sales and Registrations will end Thursday night April 27].

In consequence, Ticket Registrations CLOSE on Thursdays every week at midnight, while Lottery Game Results are drawn next day, Saturday evenings, to complete and end each Lottery week.


General Irregularities

Note: Pick-any-3 Lottery is not engaged in a ‘winner-takes-all’ Casino-type gambling enterprise, but just simple friendly ‘try-your-luck’ public competitions only. Consequently in the event of such irregularities (or suspicion of irregularities) as excessive overall Share purchases on one particular Entry-selection (the winning outcome of which might overwhelm the ‘Public Winners-Purse’), Pick-any-3 Lottery General reserves the Right (and will exercise the Right) to execute one, some, or all of the following actions, before, during or after the Game results are drawn, namely:

(1)  Cancel Fixed-Dvd competitions for the week, and defer the Ticket purchases thereof to some other week.

(2)  Cancel Fixed-Dvd competitions for the week, and refund the Ticket sales (less processing fees).

(3)  Cancel Fixed-Dvd competitions for the week, and pay their winners under Variable Dividend

(4)  Other actions deemed necessary to mitigate  bad issues and situations.


Individual Irregularities/Conflicts;

In a case of Irregularity/Conflict that cannot be resolved to mutual satisfaction, Pick-any-three Lottery General may only refund the Cost amount of Ticket purchased.

Submission of payment and the Confirmation thereof, or, a ‘Consent’-check on the ‘agreement-button’, constitutes a Contestant’s acknowledgement of; understanding, agreement, and acceptance of these Rules.